Core Course #2: In Person Embodiment Intensive November 13-19, 2023 Victoria, BC

Erotic Practice for Somatic Sex Education

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This is the first of two required in-person intensives. We will begin with creating a “safe enough” container for the cohort to develop skills and comfort with facilitating each other in somatic practice, and feeling into intentional, professional, erotic practice space. Business and personal practices that demonstrate professionalism are discussed. We cultivate capacity to feel and communicate body sensations as we increase our somatic literacy. This course includes a deeper dive into the science of somatic sex education, interpersonal neurobiology, and the methodology of communal erotic practices.

Students practice intake and assessment, ethical frameworks for somatic sex education, mindful erotic practice, masturbation witnessing and coaching, genital anatomy and genital mapping, plus sensual and erotic massage. All activities are done through the lens of empowering choice and voice.

Students will expand their embodied understanding of social locationality. They will learn about how we somatize oppression and privilege, and practice somatic technologies for unwinding it all. This course focuses on our own erotic and somatic journey as foundational for developing a professional practice as a somatic sex educator.

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